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The End Of July##

Marks in time
Enabling us to count
All the steps it took
To get where we are
In this moment

Pins stuck in a map
Places we still have to go
A hypothetical we

One day we will look back
And those pins will be replaced
With pictures
And we will celebrate
The anniversaries

One day, one month, one year
From now
We will celebrate today
Because Today I realized
Who I am
Through the lens of your eyes
And that person that you see
Is exactly who
I’ve always strived to be

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Crashing Cars

A thunderous crash
Made my heart plummet down
Into the depths of my stomach
A menace to society
Every time I sit behind the wheel
Reminding myself of
The importance of breathing
As my body shakes
In hopeless terror
Touching the sequence of 911
Into the cracked screen of my phone
A few laughs later
Mesmerized by the silliness
Of such a minor situation
I realize my world is still intact
Nothing a glass of wine can’t fix
On another Friday night
Spent alone

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Another Big Six

Abandoned apologies
Attempt to make up for
The little details
That I forgot once again.

Your unreasonable expectation
That somehow
I can put together
This one thousand piece puzzle
Of forgotten comments
Swept under the rug

And then the mountain
Held together
By the glue of your grudges
Resentment follows
The look in your eyes
And the especially pronounced sighs
Heard down the hallway

This mountain, I will never be able to climb.

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The Flying Saucer

Bronze plates line the wall and ceiling
Of the place marked with appreciation
Perception is reality
And a new perspective is all I needed
Of how much worse it could be

So much time is spent
Supplying energy towards
A disposition of sunshine
When that could be lost altogether

Daily, the choice is made
To share motivation and happiness
With the people around me
But instead, I’ve come to realize
They’ve shared that with me all along

Perhaps I’m the weak link
In this equation
When all this time,
I’ve pointed my finger
And played the victim.

My prison is a luxurious one
Friendly faces and genuine concern
A voice trembling
But heard in the end

I would rather have that
Than to scream
With no relief
Losing a voice at the end of it all

And a ladder half climbed
But the top not in sight

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You Are What I See

Just so you know, certain days, it takes everything in me to stop myself from calling you. I want you to know that I still love you with my whole heart. I want to build a time machine and erase the last year and a half.

It takes everything in me.
Because I am still hopelessly in love with you.
(or who you were, who I knew)

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There’s always an excuse

I choose to passionately believe in everyone. Which means I also get let down often. The best part, is I abundantly practice getting up again, faster and stronger. And I know that one day, of all the people that I choose to believe in, one of them will prove me right. Along with the constant strength, courage, and unabandoned love that I gain everyday, seeing that person make their dreams come true, when they believed it could never be, makes it all so worth it.

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