wallow in the mire


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Keep out of the forrest

The first one there
7am comes fast
Sitting in traffic
Not a nuisance
Enamored by the city’s skyline
It never grows old
Buildings escalate clouds
Odd manikins dressed like army men
Stare me down
As I flip on the lights
In the vacant hallway
Of the seventh floor
You can always do more
Fighting to reserve
My last ounce of credibility
Another twelve hours pass by
The last one there
With little to show for it
Lacking excuses
A good thing
Taking responsibility
But working the hardest I can
Greeted with wine
After a much needed conversation
Feelings hurt
Relationship slightly damaged
At least for the night
Leaving me in the dust
After all I’ve given up
With a smile on my face
Embracing opportunity
But at the cost of a great passion
Friday night comes and goes
Sick to my stomach
Completely lonely
Amidst the multitudes of people
That are just enough engaged to matter
But just enough disengaged
To be forgotten

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fall in love with a poet


fall in love with a poet
at least once in your life
feel his fingers running
through your hair
have your heart pierced
when he isn’t even there

let his writing
enrapture your sad soul
let his words
fill you until you’re whole

and even when he is long gone
in his poems you will live on
he’ll remember every word you said
and write you into every line
on which his pen treads

fall in love with a poet,
you won’t regret it.
fall in love with a poet,
trust me, you’ll never forget it

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The Executive Corner Suite

We are all creatures of habit
Don’t you dare try to fight it
A proven routine continues
To plant seeds of success
Time management nearly mastered
Lacking a safety net
These wings take flight
And much to my surprise
Cleared miles upon miles
On this newfound path
Reputation in the making
An infamous badass
Always remains in the works
A spark recently lit
About to be set ablaze

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Ham and cheese

Her voice is a vehicle
Guiding you towards
The tallest building in town
The only tall building in town
Never to be seen
By any of them
Her dresses, heels
All bought from the thrift store
A facade of success
But behind the scenes
Never to be known
The impact uncertain
Until moments reveal
Even more big plans
By ordinary people
And their smiles
In the empty room
Shadowed by darkness
In the corner
On the phone
Lit up purely by enthusiasm
And the integrity
Of always pushing buttons
Until enough taxis are full
Join the adventure
Let’s be grand together

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The Clowns in the window

After a long boat ride down the river
The screeches of bats overhead
Conversations that leave me dwindling
But motivated nonetheless
There was dinner; free BBQ
Overtaking the patio
Dancing in the hour long line
Happiness caught on video
You told me id never fit in
“You’re too polite”
Gasping, looking in all directions,
“Tell him I’m not”
One on one time
With the kangaroo again
Spring. We will be gone.
Where do you want to go?
The longest walk to the infamous 6th street
Rejecting piggy back rides
Irish car bombs
And many more drinks later
You grabbed my arms, shaking me
You are the reason we all keep going
Don’t you get that?
You’re the one who always tells us
Water off a ducks back
So don’t you forget it yourself
And you know, if you ever gave up
Well i would quit in an instant
The kangaroo struts over
I would absolutely quit
I can’t do this without you
Tears form, so much pressure
But the good kind
Drunken texts revealing hardship
More people to be met
My reputation finally formed
And sprinkled about
Throughout the country
In a mere couple of days
I can do this

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Make a choice and commit to it
Commit to it consistently
Smiling or not
A mantra of resilience
Silent recognition
Or none at all
Create what you want to be a part of
Sell a dream, not a job
Believe in it more than anyone
Make it real to everyone else
We have it all
We have today

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The best kind of sigh

There is no greater feeling
Than a wave of relief
Reunited with my person
My confidant, my encouragement
My entire support system
Back up and running
Tears dried from the night before
Because obviously I do need her
One of the most amazing people
I’ve ever gotten to know
Another long day
In a room by myself
For hours and hours
Looking out the window
To the tree-filled world
Down below
And the distance too much
To bear for that long
A glimpse into the future
A sadness of what I’ll lose
When she flees to the east
And leaves me behind
Never being on the same page
Or in each other’s corners
But tonight
There was a wave of relief
And lll savor that
For as long as the weeks allow
Because I know the time is nearing
When this week
Is my indefinite reality
Lacking the most beautiful human
By my side daily

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Find meaning. Distinguish melancholy from sadness. Go out for a walk. It doesn’t have to be a romantic walk in the park, spring at its most spectacular moment, flowers and smells and outstanding poetical imagery smoothly transferring you into another world. It doesn’t have to be a walk during which you’ll have multiple life epiphanies and discover meanings no other brain ever managed to encounter. Do not be afraid of spending quality time by yourself. Find meaning or don’t find meaning but “steal” some time and give it freely and exclusively to your own self. Opt for privacy and solitude. That doesn’t make you antisocial or cause you to reject the rest of the world. But you need to breathe. And you need to be.
Albert Camus, Notebooks, 1951-1959   (via thatkindofwoman)

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Girls will be girls

Another day spent
In the icy cold shadow
Of your shoulder
Three strikes and your out
Trust diminished
Surprised by the lack
Of common adult maturity
No peace of mind granted
After numerous attempts
Wondering how you expect
To be a success story
When you lack relationships
Hiding in the shadow
Of your husband
The truth hurts
But the best part
I know my resilience
I’ve earned the respect
You have thrown in the trash
And I’m just getting started
Give me one month
And you’re history
You’ll never keep up
With my pace, my enthusiasm, my passion
And I don’t need you
You’ll eat my dust
From days ago
When I live in a mansion
And met all of my goals
You’ll be the story I tell
To encourage others
To overcome obstacles
The example of why
Childish little girls
Never make anything of themselves

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Nothin Sexy about Bedford

New beginnings
An unfamiliar route
Through the beauty
Of downtown at sunrise
First encounter with real traffic
Since the January move
Slow goings but a late start
Still beat everyone there
Mass chaos and lack of direction
Focus had been lost long ago
Overwhelming pressure
From all facets of the situation
More disorganization
More rejection
Than ever seen before
When it came down to it
26 short of reaching the goal
The expectation, rather
Drawn out conversations
Playing into your vanity
No sense of time or sunsets
Rushing back to Plano
The best crew
Missing what was taken for granted
Attempting to maintain positivity
In moments of longing for what was
Opportunity focused
Goals will be met
Minds will be blown
Bring it on Wednesday
You’re next

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Steady as the stars

How does one predestine
One future over another
In a single occasion

Behind door number one
A handsome man,
Possessing unreserved adoration

Behind the second entry
A terrifying abyss of unknowns
Containing endless liberty

Subconsciously enlightened
Something wasn’t quite unerring
In this ostensibly marchen

Fleeing attestation
Of someone to catch her
Upon inevitable diminution

The decision was fashioned
And the result heartbreaking
While his new family has initiated

Wondering forevermore
If door number two
Was worth giving up what seemed sure

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Wrath of the Redhead

You tell me to make you these promises 
whenever you are sane
but then something I say will set you off
because you are so damn sensitive
I fulfill my side of the promise
and you contradict yourself
I am convinced you are insane

I have never known anyone 
to become so stressed out 
about a simple road trip to Austin
an entire week away
I am convinced you are insane

Your red hair doesn’t help your case
because sometimes your mood swings
hit me out of nowhere
I am convinced you are insane

And I do slightly hate you

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tears came 
but they were pushed back
before they could make their way down
my freckled cheeks

feeling abandoned all over again
wondering why you had to reappear
after you left me
to stir up this pot of mixed emotions
in the middle of the work day

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Capitol Ideas

We aren’t kids anymore
but we can pretend
with music that represents teenage years
and Friday Jeopardy 
shouting answers for the entire floor to hear
slightly frowning
the best way I know how
teased at every opportunity
a real weekend quick approaching
two consecutive days 
away from this office
lacking enthusiasm or motivation
while I eat fake peaches
out of a coffee cup

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Team shiitake high rolling

Sugar free energy drink
Kicks off the day
Speeding down the tollway
Woke up late
But always on time
High fives and winks
The new people left behind
Nine conversations
Discussing Africa and Canada
And Alaska too
Why people choose crossfit
And scoliosis victims too
Another cup of coffee
After pizza that shouldn’t be consumed
With a beer pudge like this
Conference calls
Asking for help
You can always do more
Always do better
Missing the bell
Before sunsets at the lake
Watching a volleyball
Bounce back and forth
Over the net
The worst beer of all
Delicious hamburger lacking condiments
Slightly flirting
And more winking all around
Remaining everyone’s best friend

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