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I Love Fiesty Shackles

Phenomenal vibes pulsed through the room
Motivational Monday, more determined
More lighthearted and care free than ever
Doom strikes upon your unusual beckoning
We sat in a circle
Your words took the form of a sword
And immediately sliced my heart open
Your eyes speak sympathy and exhaustion
Floods rushed down my cheeks
Uncontrollable streams
Dripping off my chin into my lap
I throw my head down
Shielding my red eyes
Unable to look at you a moment longer
Then anger sets in
My unwavering anchor
Hoisted back up into your ship
Which has no room in it for me
Completely blindsided, abandoned
Left to float on without yet another
Dear friend of mine
It keeps getting harder
This pursuit of success
My head becomes heavier
As the days go on
But I will continue to never give up
Despite the soreness I feel
The terror that anyone I meet
Has the ability to make me so heartbroken

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Hurricane Intensity

Hangovers and energy drinks
Early morning texts
Polo shirt and cut off shorts
Rolling up in the knick of time
Unexpected faces
Games of ninja and switching places
Recognition of broken records
Serious conversing of future change
Surprising dream team commence
Jump start vehicles
Because we will always be rachet
Errands come first
Money in the bank
Endless walking
In a 105 degree oven
Frustration shadowing your face
Confrontation with the most fierce
Standing up for the underdog
Wasted time
Spicy chicken sandwiches
And talks of real life
Back to the oven
Dancing in each peep hole
Squeezing the last drops
Of time in the day
Sitting on the floor
Colombians and soccer games
Pregnant lady
We needed a win
Pushing onward
Through the rain
A second victory
High fives and high rolling
Proving my own strength
Exhaustion hit hard
More energy drinks
Projecting sharknado up on the wall
Uncontrollable giggling
Shark and tornado themed snacks
New friends
Challenging games
For the last hours of the night
Eyes closing involuntarily
A hop, skip, and a jump
Back to the cave
Another collection of memories
The best ones
To add to this glorious adventure

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All I do is win

I will always work harder than you
And do the right thing
Scooping up my little bird
And setting him free
I will always work harder for you
Taking pride for my own self
And giving you everything else
These tired eyes will remain open
Choosing to see potential
And committing to set it on fire
I will stop at nothing
Until I make every last dream of yours
Come true
A fairy tale life
And in turn, my own dreams met
If one hundred hours a week
Working three hundred percent
Is what it takes to reap this harvest
Then I will work a hundred and five
And give a million times the effort
Than you’d ever expect or imagine

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Country music
And cowboy hats
Boots two sizes too big
Birthday drinks
And extra balloons
Dance lessons
Sore legs
Finally someone cute
Made me blush
Time of my life
Completely free
Embracing the moment
More drinks
Birthday champagne
Reservations under my name
The best nights
Contentment with you
Not being there
Because it’s your loss
Seize moments
Fun and thrilling
Enjoy life

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Be down for anything

Hard work feels great
Especially when it’s recognized
You said they need the best of the best
So you’re giving them me
Opportunity to inspire those
Far or near
Journeys to euless
Are up and coming
Determination level two
Let’s get this rolling
Put your success in my pocket
Because I’ll take you there
I’ll never give up on you
Until the day you choose

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The way you smell

Motivation and determination
Is how the day began
Over exhaustion
But leading the team
Running the meetings
Promising an unfailing work ethic
That will blow their minds
Locked in the room
Once again
With nothing but myself
And an empty chair
Telephone in hand

Sitting on a bench
Enjoying a nicotine break
My day shatters in an instant
When I look up and see your face again
You sit down so close to me
And everything feels alright
Until the perpetual confusion
Sets in once more
Unexpected encounter
With mysterious intent
And then left alone
In the dark
This emotional whirlwind
Is getting to me
Unable to make up my mind
If you are worth
All this battling my heart
Has gone through
In the last week

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The biggest dilemma of all: go after what I want the most and risk losing it altogether? Or sit back and wait and risk never getting it either?

Feelings are hard.

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Inner turmoil

Your words, just an echo
Down a tunnel of what ifs
My words, consecrated
On the sidewalks of what will never be

You live in the songs
That play on repeat
You reside in my dreams
That have quickly become nightmares

Don’t follow your dreams,
They always say
If they’re worth it, chase them
But then I risk chasing you away

And living that nightmare
Would be much worse
Than living in the hole
You’ve pierced in my heart

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So what exactly do you do all day?
Her voice rang through the phone
And smacked me upside the head
Brutal honesty at it’s finest

I thought over my day,
I do a lot…
But hearing her point out
The holes in my work ethic
Made my world come crashing down

She counted the people
That I would need to make up for
And made me promise
To come to her next week
With no more excuses

She told me to get my act together
And I could hear her today
Control my success
And fight for it
Like it’s my last breath

Ready, set, go

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Best fridge in Dallas

My mind is put to rest at last
Fondly thinking back
To just two nights ago
When you held me close

Tonight I drink the leftover beer
And sit quietly
As I stare up at the ceiling fan
With a tiny smile that can’t help
But reside on my face

I long for your freckles
And your beautiful country boy voice
I miss your laugh
And the looks you get on your face

But as I sit here in silence
I am really just thankful
For another amazing memory
To add to my collection

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Birthday party

Your winks and your freckles
Were my kryptonite
Wearing your hat
While I drunkenly danced around
The living room
The happiest drinking I’ve ever done
Surrounded by the best friends
I would ever hope to have
The best night I ever
Would have imagined
Early morning food run
Your arm draped around my shoulders
My head resting on your chest
In the backseat
My wish became a reality
Your kisses
Made my heart melt
And now my reality
Is back in motion
And all I want
Is to have another moment
With you all to myself

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